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Orca Pod 6

Classroom 6 is a community made up of high school students (grades 9-12).  On a typical day, students are engaged in Math, Science, Recreation Therapy, English, History, and an Elective Course.  Our electives have included career exploration, health, drawing and painting, and culinary arts.  Students have expressed interest in continuing with electives including culinary arts, coding, STEAM, and World Languages.  

Our classroom offers students the opportunity to develop a positive sense of self as they explore different aspects of their identity (academic, cultural, gender, etc.). The current students in the Classroom 6 community share a passion for social justice, equity, and respect. Outside of OSS, our students have shared interests in drawing, space and science, technology, active games, video games, and strategic games.

Although our students will receive direct instruction on how to apply coping skills, build frustration tolerance, and be positive members of a community, the goal is for students to be able to generalize and independently apply skills that will be used across all aspects of the students’ lives.  Students begin to feel empowered by the positive feelings they get when they do well and meet their goals.  These feelings of pride motivate them to continue striving for excellence and pursuing larger goals.

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