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Classroom 2 (The Sharks) is the upper elementary classroom at Overlake Specialty School, comprised of 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. The Sharks classroom focuses on supporting students in building the necessary skills to belong to a community while balancing their social-emotional, academic, and behavioral needs.

Students receive direct instruction in math, reading, and writing with opportunities for group and individual work. Classroom 2 utilizes a rotation system to break assignments into shorter, more manageable tasks. This allows students to build their stamina, especially for non-preferred academic tasks. Academics are tracked through benchmarks and teacher-created and curriculum-based assessments. The Sharks also receive instruction in social skills, science, art, and social studies throughout the year.

Classroom 2 uses the community as a source of instruction and support. Students give and receive feedback to their peers and even staff members to help encourage positive behavior within the classroom community. The Sharks also utilize consistent classroom systems, which supports a predictable environment, allowing students to build trust with the staff members, their peers, and themselves.

Students have opportunities to have their success recognized, including earning Wisebucks (the OSS token economy), Sharks branded clothing, access to technology during earned time, and access to off-campus outings if they have met the safety expectations.

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